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:: CSIP Solver Home Page

CSIP is a MATLAB code to solve Convex Semi-Infinite Programming problems.

Numerical results were obtained with a subset of test problems available at the SIPAMPL database. The subset of problems can be obtained from here (the .mod files are the AMPL models for the problems).

The implemented solver is available at the download page (it includes the test problems in AMPL).

:: Installing

  1. Simple download the ZIP file from the Download Page and extract it to a selected location using your favorite unzip utility.

:: Using

  1. The algorithm proposal and details are described in the paper:

    Le Thi Hoai An, Mohand Ouanes, and A.I.F. Vaz, A branch and bound approach for convex semi-infinite programming, submitted.

  2. After extracting the ZIP file your are left with a main directory named csip and a private directory.

  3. The private directory provides the SIPAMPL-MATLAB interface functions and the AMPL test problems database (under the subdirectory Problems). This directory is only requested if the SIPAMPL-MATLAB interface is to be used. We provide a MEX file for MATLAB needed to read the .nl files (gsipampl.mexw64). This MEX file is for a Microsoft Windows operative system running a 64 bits MATLAB version.

  4. To reproduce the numerical results, available in the previous cited paper, just run the MATLAB script RunAll.m. Results are added to a file named Solutions.txt. This requests the use of the SIPAMPL-MATLAB interface. Please note that the .nl files are the ones being used by the interface.

  5. For illustrative reasons we provide the run_leon10.m MATLAB script that solves the leon10 problem.

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