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:: MLOCPSOA Solver Home Page

MLOCPSOA is a solver for bound constrained optimization, base on the particle swarm paradigm.

MLOCPSOA uses derivative information of the objective function to find all the global al local optima.

The manual for MLOPSOA is available as a Technical Report (ALG/IV/6-2004).

This package was tested in a Linux (Red Hat 5.2) and in Microsoft Windows box. Portability is not guaranteed but ports to other systems should be easy.

:: Installing

  1. Download solvers.tar for AMPL from netlib;

  2. Uncompress solvers.tar and build amplsolver.a library (amplsolv.lib for MS-Windows);

  3. Get the MLOCPSOA package; Uncompress the MLOCPSOA tar zipped file in the directory where solvers.tar was uncompressed;

  4. Type make in the Linux operating system or nmake -f in the MS-Windows; Get the  file from the internet (AMPL interface routines).

:: Using

  1. Download or build the mlocpsoa executable;

  2. Obtain a copy of the AMPL binary;

  3. Use ampl problem.mod to solve the problem; 

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