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:: SIPAMPL Software Package Home Page


SIPAMPL is a software package that allows the codification of semi-infinite programming problems in AMPL.

SIPAMPL package includes:

  • An interface to connect AMPL to a SIP solver;

  • A database with several coded SIP problems;

  • An interface to MATLAB solver (a new version is available - 24/02/2009);

  • A select tool;

  • A B and C Splines library for AMPL.

The manual for SIPAMPL is available as a Technical Report (ALG/EF/4-2002).

This package was tested in a Linux (Red Hat 5.2) and in Microsoft Windows box. Portability is not guaranteed but ports to other systems should be easy.

:: Installing

  • Download solvers.tar for AMPL from netlib;

  • Uncompress solvers.tar and build amplsolver.a library (amplsolv.lib for MS-Windows);

  • Get the SIPAMPL package;

  • Uncompress (tar xvzf sipampl.tgz) in the directory where solvers.tar was uncompressed;

  • Make the libsip.a library (sipampl.lib for MS-Windows);

Note: You have to link the amplsolver.a and libsip.a (amplsolv.lib and sipampl.lib for MS-Windows) to your solver in order to use the AMPL and SIPAMPL interface.

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