ICCOPT 2013 Clusters

Scientific Program
Applications of continuous optimization in science and engineering [...]
Co-chairs: Mihai Anitescu, Eligius M. T. Hendrix
Complementarity and variational inequalities [...]
Co-chairs: Francisco Facchinei, Todd S. Munson
Conic and polynomial optimization [...]
Co-chairs: Miguel F. Anjos, Jiawang Nie
Convex and nonsmooth optimization [...]
Co-chairs: François Glineur, Peter Richtarik
Derivative-free and simulation-based optimization [...]
Co-chairs: Warren Hare, Giampaolo Liuzzi
Global optimization and mixed-integer programming [...]
Co-chairs: Pierre Bonami, Leo Liberti
Nonlinear optimization [...]
Co-chairs: Frank E. Curtis, Andreas Waechter
Optimization software: Modeling tools and engines [...]
Co-chairs: Jacek Gondzio, Dominique Orban
PDE-constrained optimization [...]
Co-chairs: Georg Stadler, Stefan Ulbrich
Robust optimization and optimization in finance [...]
Co-chairs: Melvyn Sim, Luis F. Zuluaga
Sparse optimization and information processing [...]
Co-chairs: Michael P. Friedlander, Wotao Yin
Stochastic optimization [...]
Co-chairs: Shabbir Ahmed, Darinka Dentcheva
Variational analysis, set-valued and vector optimization [...]
Co-chairs: Joerg Fliege, Alejandro Jofré

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