ICCOPT 2013 Session of Poster Presentations, Entrance Hall of the Dept. of Mathematics, Monday, July 29, 18:30-20:30
 Chair: Sam Burer

Scientific Program
 (Boumal) Nicolas Boumal
 The Manopt toolbox: Making optimization on manifolds easy [...]
 (Fernandes) Xavier Fernandes
 Optimization of the charging process of electric vehicles [...]
 (Grilo) Teresa Daniela Grilo
 Optimal control of passive particle under point vortices [...]
 (Kosaki) Toshihiro Kosaki
 Interior point methods for a production planning problem [...]
 (Kudryashova) Natalia Kudryashova
 On optimisation of strategies in the internet ad-market [...]
 (Ma) Qing-hua Ma
 Calibrating the model parameters using trust region method [...]
 (Mu) Cun Mu
 Lower bounds and improved relaxations for tensor recovery [...]
 (Ochsenbein) David Ochsenbein
 Morphology and batch time optimization of a crystallization process using real time particle shape measurements [...]
 (Ribeiro) Ana Filipa Ribeiro
 Optimal control and numerical approaches in a problem of management of hydroelectric resources [...]
 (Robinson) Richard Z. Robinson
 Positive semidefinite rank of polytopes [...]
 (Schneider) Christopher Schneider
 Linear-quadratic control problems with L1-cost [...]
 (Wada) Toshihiro Wada
 Energy optimization of railways by voltage control on substations [...]
 (Zeng) Xiangrong Zeng
 Fused binary compressive sensing using hard thresholding and (modified) total variation projection [...]

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