ICCOPT 2013, Thursday, August 1, 09:00-10:30

Scientific Program
Thu.A.11 New bounds for combinatorial problems using copositive and semidefinite optimization (Organized Session, Cluster Conic and polynomial optimization)
Thu.A.12 Robust formulations and algorithms for large scale sparse programs (Organized Session, Cluster Sparse optimization and information processing)
Thu.A.13 Algorithms II (Organized Session, Cluster Nonlinear optimization)
Thu.A.14 Complementarity problems: Algorithms and applications (Organized Session, Cluster Complementarity and variational inequalities)
Thu.A.15 Derivative-free optimization: Algorithms and applications I (Session, Cluster Derivative-free and simulation-based optimization)
Thu.A.16 Recent advances in global optimization (Organized Session, Cluster Global optimization and mixed-integer programming)
Thu.A.17 Optimization in practice II (Session, Cluster Applications of continuous optimization in science and engineering)
Thu.A.18 Optimization in finance II (Organized Session, Cluster Robust optimization and optimization in finance)
Thu.A.21 Semidefinite and conic optimization: Models and methods (Organized Session, Cluster Convex and nonsmooth optimization)
Thu.A.22 Efficient first-order methods for convex optimization (Organized Session, Cluster Convex and nonsmooth optimization)
Thu.A.23 Extending the power and expressiveness of optimization modeling languages (Organized Session, Cluster Optimization software: Modeling tools and engines)
Thu.A.24 Optimization with partial differential equations (Organized Session, Cluster PDE-constrained optimization)
Thu.A.25 Variational analysis techniques (Organized Session, Cluster Variational analysis, set-valued and vector optimization)
Thu.A.AB Nonlinear optimization and applications III (Organized Session, Cluster Nonlinear optimization)

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