ICCOPT 2013, Thursday, August 1, 11:00-12:30

Scientific Program
Thu.B.11 Modeling and computation in copositive programming (Organized Session, Cluster Conic and polynomial optimization)
Thu.B.12 High performance linear optimization (Organized Session, Cluster Optimization software: Modeling tools and engines)
Thu.B.13 Analysis of local convergence (Session, Cluster Nonlinear optimization)
Thu.B.14 Advances in algorithms (Organized Session, Cluster Complementarity and variational inequalities)
Thu.B.15 Derivative-free optimization: Algorithms and applications II (Session, Cluster Derivative-free and simulation-based optimization)
Thu.B.16 Distance geometry and applications (Organized Session, Cluster Global optimization and mixed-integer programming)
Thu.B.18 Optimization in finance III (Organized Session, Cluster Robust optimization and optimization in finance)
Thu.B.21 Extending the scope of convexity: From finite to infinite dimensional, ordinary to extraordinary, and from convex to nonconvex (Organized Session, Cluster Convex and nonsmooth optimization)
Thu.B.22 Convex optimization in machine learning (Organized Session, Cluster Convex and nonsmooth optimization)
Thu.B.23 Convex optimization and related problems (Session, Cluster Convex and nonsmooth optimization)
Thu.B.24 Bang-bang-type control of PDEs (Organized Session, Cluster PDE-constrained optimization)
Thu.B.25 Advances in multiobjective optimization (Organized Session, Cluster Variational analysis, set-valued and vector optimization)
Thu.B.AB Advances in nonlinear optimization (Organized Session, Cluster Nonlinear optimization)

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