ICCOPT 2013, Tuesday, July 30, 11:30-13:00

Scientific Program
Tue.A.11 Algebraic geometry and semidefinite programming II (Organized Session, Cluster Conic and polynomial optimization)
Tue.A.12 Regularization with polyhedral norms (Organized Session, Cluster Sparse optimization and information processing)
Tue.A.13 Nonlinear optimization: Optimality conditions (Session, Cluster Nonlinear optimization)
Tue.A.14 Algorithms and applications of dynamic MPECs (Organized Session, Cluster Complementarity and variational inequalities)
Tue.A.15 New derivative-free nonlinear optimization algorithms (Organized Session, Cluster Derivative-free and simulation-based optimization)
Tue.A.16 Global optimization with differential equations embedded (Organized Session, Cluster Global optimization and mixed-integer programming)
Tue.A.17 Optimization for data analysis and assimilation (Organized Session, Cluster Applications of continuous optimization in science and engineering)
Tue.A.18 Recent advances in stochastic programming (Organized Session, Cluster Stochastic optimization)
Tue.A.21 Structural aspects in nonsmooth optimization (Organized Session, Cluster Convex and nonsmooth optimization)
Tue.A.22 Distributed algorithms for constrained convex problems over networks (Organized Session, Cluster Convex and nonsmooth optimization)
Tue.A.24 Computational methods for inverse problems I (Organized Session, Cluster PDE-constrained optimization)
Tue.A.25 Variational analysis and variational inequalities (Organized Session, Cluster Variational analysis, set-valued and vector optimization)
Tue.A.AB Nonlinear optimization IV (Organized Session, Cluster Nonlinear optimization)

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