ICCOPT 2013, Wednesday, July 31, 16:30-18:00

Scientific Program
Wed.C.11 Extended formulations and matrix factorizations (Organized Session, Cluster Conic and polynomial optimization)
Wed.C.13 Optimality conditions and algorithms (Organized Session, Cluster Nonlinear optimization)
Wed.C.14 MPEC and applications (Session, Cluster Complementarity and variational inequalities)
Wed.C.15 Derivative free methods for nonsmooth and noisy problems (Organized Session, Cluster Derivative-free and simulation-based optimization)
Wed.C.16 Copositive and quadratic optimization (Organized Session, Cluster Global optimization and mixed-integer programming)
Wed.C.17 Applications in geometry design (Organized Session, Cluster Applications of continuous optimization in science and engineering)
Wed.C.18 Robust optimization (Session, Cluster Robust optimization and optimization in finance)
Wed.C.21 First-order methods, boosting and related issues (Organized Session, Cluster Convex and nonsmooth optimization)
Wed.C.22 Sparse optimization and its applications (Organized Session, Cluster Convex and nonsmooth optimization)
Wed.C.23 Continuous optimization solvers within mixed-integer frameworks (Organized Session, Cluster Optimization software: Modeling tools and engines)
Wed.C.24 Optimization of free boundary problems I (Organized Session, Cluster PDE-constrained optimization)
Wed.C.25 Variational analysis in nonlinear optimization (Organized Session, Cluster Variational analysis, set-valued and vector optimization)
Wed.C.AB Nonlinear optimization and applications I (Organized Session, Cluster Nonlinear optimization)

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